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Sander has passed



Surrounded by his immediate family and very peacefully, Sander passed on earlier this evening.

We will miss him terribly.

– Thomas

10 comments to Sander has passed

  • Judy Burns

    Rest in peace Sander…. My heart goes out to you Els and your three sons. May your brighter and happier moments sustain you through this difficult time. He will always be in your hearts. Sander was a good man.

  • i am so terribly sorry to learn of Sander’s passing. he was a beautiful man, so in love with his wonderful Els, his children, and with life. through every struggle multiple myeloma presented, Sander’s sense of hope and optimism shined through as he chronicled it on his blog. he took the time to wish others well, and gave me support when my dear husband, Hugh, also with MM, passed away suddenly this spring. what a generous, kind and warm person he was. and what a gift for the rest of us to see him fully engaged in life and able to always express his heartfelt gratitude. I will hold you all close to my heart…

    with much love and light,


  • Lileng

    Deepest and sincere condolence to Els and loved ones. It is really sad whenever we have to bid farewell to another member of the mm community. But we are thankful that Sander shared of his life through this blog and have given cheer to us in his writings.

  • Sharyn

    I’m so sorry to read this news. My deepest sympathy to his family and friends. May he rest in peace.

  • I’m so sorry to hear of sanders passing. I truly enjoyed his blogs and wonderful perspective on life. I will miss him. My thoughts go out to you his family. Peace.

  • I am sad to hear that Sander’s life has ended. His music, his love of animals, especially cats, and his devotion to family made me a fan of his blog. We shared more than this disease. I will miss his fighting spirit and the many ways he loved life.

  • Chris

    So very sorry to hear this news. I have followed this blog since my husband’s diagnosis, and feel as if I knew Sander in this way. His struggle was epic and moving. Vale Sander.

  • stephen

    I am deeply sorry at the loss of this good man.

    Sander was happiest when your family was together.

    I hope being together will help you all through this diificult time.


  • Terry L

    I am so sorry for your loss. I followed his blog since 2011 when I was diagnosed at age 49. We emailed each other several times. I enjoyed his humor, photos and upbeat nature. My sincerest condolences. Terry L. from New Jersey

  • We are so sad to hear of Sander’s passing. Our thoughts are with you all at this very difficult time. My heart aches for Els especially. I hope one day she will find some comfort in the love Sander felt and shared with us blog readers. X x x

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