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An update

Sander’s update

An update from my hospital bed in my study. I am dictating the text, Els is typing it out.
This last week, a lot of things happened. Wednesday I was taken to Amsterdam by ambulance for radiation treatment. Once there, I spoke with my hematologist and my radiotherapist. The whole process, door-to-door, took less than three hours. In short: A VIP treatment.
The strength in my legs is minimal, so all our hopes are on the outcome of the radiation treatment.

Els’ update

As Sander can no longer stand, we’ve had to adjust a lot of things. Sander was assisted down the stairs by our three strong sons: a real tour de force. Now, he spends his time in a hospital bed in the study, and I sleep in a bed next to his. To help Sander out of bed, we now have access to a lift sling. This works well but Sander is very weak and can only sit in a wheelchair for around 10 minutes. Still, he spends a bit of time every now and again in the living room. He’s having a lot of trouble eating but he does whatever he can to recover some strength. Life, however, is making this process difficult.
Our hopes rest with the outcome of the radiation treatment. This morning, we measured the circumference of his swollen right leg and hope to see it shrink soon.
As you can read in his update, Sander remains optimistic. This optimism is, however, bounded by our current reality.

(Thomas’ note: I translated this post – any errors are mine, not Sander’s or Els’!)

3 comments to An update

  • ilonka Kuijs

    Beste Sander…..vanuit hier wens ik jou en je gezin alle sterkte toe! xxx Dikke kus (een oude “student” die nog steeds de salade van ome kees zingt. xxx

  • /Users/johnesmith/Desktop/DSC_8275.JPG

    Hi Sander;

    Thank you for making the effort to post.

    I’m glad your sons are there with you and Els.



  • Lileng

    Els, how about protein milk (can’t remember name) but pharmacy should have them for cancer patients , not able to eat food. Regular sips throughout the day will give Sander the nourishment, especially needed since he is going through radiotherapy.
    Sander, stay optimistic and brave, we are praying for you and hoping a good outcome.

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