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In 1973 I left my parents house to live on my own. I was in the last year to become a teacher. This was a very important year for me in which a lot of important things happened to me. I was asked to play in a band which resulted in a long cooperation with my music friend Bonne. Fortunately I still had some time left to do my exam successfully. More important was the meeting I had with a gorgeous woman, who seemed to fancy me as well. She was prepared to warm my cold hands and this thunder-strike has lasted ever since, almost 40 years. On the picture below with the guitar, from the the same year 1973.

Betere tijden

Why this picture, you might think. Well, I had the plan to have a picture of all of my guitars. Roos, Niels’ girlfriend, is a photographer and she has a little studio. On my request she shot a series on location in out garden on august 24th. Beautifully done, wonderful pictures! Finally it seemed like a nice idea to make a few pictures of Els and me too. See the one above.

What I didn’t know, that on the very next day, I started loosing my hair because of the chemo. Right now my hair is shaved off. Nothing can be done. I’ll have to wait till it grows back on.

Below you see Roos in action. Interested in what she makes? Check out

Roos in actie

2 comments to 1973

  • Judy Burns

    Hi Sander, that picture of you and your wife is absolutely beautiful!!! Roos captured the love you two have for one another and it looks like you were singing to Els.
    Thank you for sharing these pictures as well as what was going on in your life in 1973.
    Sounds like you have several guitars and glad Roos is going to capture you with each of them. She does nice work! Is that a type of Mandolin that you are playing in the other picture?
    All the best.


  • Sander;

    You look beautiful! Let’s see those instruments.

    Hoping you are improving.

    John & Spanky the cat

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